Overlay Help (Blocks probably needed)

I have a game where you need to collect four different-colored keys to escape. is there a way to use only one overlay to see how many keys you have? Can you also go into blocks and make it say, “___/4 keys” ?

If it’s an item, just set the overlay to track the item. If not, use a counter that decrements when you get a key. Make it set a property. Then code like this:

Set Text (create text with (get property (keys) (/4 keys)))

It’s an item.
Could you explain a little more for me, @Fulcrum-19 ?

Devices needed: 4 IIMs, 4 properties, overlay.
Mechanic: The IIM’s track a colored key and the corresponding property is updated. The overlay updates via blocks when receiving on a channel that a proeprty broadcasts on. You create a block that add the properties into a variable and you use Fulcrum-19’s code to set the overlay text.

If I were you, I would use a counter. Every time you get a key, have it send a signal on a channel that increments the counter by 1. Or you can use wires if that’s easier. Have the counter update a property called “keys”. In blocks for the game overlay, have it create text with [get a property [keys]] /4.

just use a counter that tracks the number of cards and make a property assosiated with it

If she’s using an item spawner than you have to use IIMs.

just use a vending machine that allows funding…

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the keys are all different colors though

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I have a few ways. Use props with text on them or something that reads 0/4. Then, make an identical one, but it reads 1/4. Then make it where when you use a hidden vending machine for that specific key and insert the key, it sends out a signal on a channel that hides the first prop and text and vending machine and reveals the next prop and text and vending machine, etc. On the last one, when the vending machine is used, it could send ou a signal to an end game device too, or it could send it to another prop/device if that is what you want to do. You could also use counters.

If you want it to make it so it registers as soon as you get the keys, then use a machine to grant the key, and then send it to a 4 triggers, which sends it to a trigger, which used code blocks to send it to the board. I will update this with pictures soon.

Also, you can see the keys in you inventory,


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