Overlay devise affected by one player

i made a great survival game and now i need help with my sprinting button
my problem is that when somebody starts sprinting the other players can’t click it and have to go through the cooldown

Hm. Did you set it to only a player and not global?

yes i did nothing changed

wdym by sprinting button
can you put like a screenshot

Is it an item granter…or?? Vending machine.

Make everything player scoped. Check any counters, properties, and the active scope in the overlay’s scope section.


The picture for settings, and the entire thing.

oh I meant the devices used for it

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i used a system i saw somebody make for a dashing system

it would be nice if we could do like key press options like > arrow and d would make it sprint to right
maybe theres another guide that can help

i need help so when the player that presses it is the only one that is given the speed and put on cool down

That’s what one of my guides tried to do… Let’s just say it didn’t work out.

can i see your settings? also that name looks familiar

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like maybe a like triggered by player activate or something
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can i see your whole system? also making an account when your main is banned is ban evading and will get both accounts deleted

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