Out of content for Hide and Seek map

I’m making a hide-and-seek map, but I have no clue what I should add next. Any ideas?

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Well you can add objects, also check with @WolfTechnology and others to help…

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Speed buffs? Weapons to fight back? More maps?

Different game modes? Different types of abilities? Secret places to teleport to secret places? Like a bush can hide a teleporter to teleport to somewhere else.

Freezing ability for the tagger? Sprint for the hider?

sentries for surprises!

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Maybe add objects that recquire you to get a secret gadget to break them and then get something else cool.

hello and welcome to the city of chaos the fourms @Mathga, i hope you find your time here enjoyable

to help you with that you could a farm hide and seek or a multi biome hide and seek

farm hide and seek will have plants, farm tools, and stables to hide behind

and the multi biome can have a dock, a forest, a factory, snowy biome or sand dunes to hide i can help you build tommorow if you need or show you props to use

ooh, I like the multibiome. The map should be hitting Discovery in about a month. Thanks for the idea! I’ll tag you in the comments for the map.

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