Our game has 550,000 plays but is not on community picks

Were you in creative then started the game?

Your game needs to be high quality if you want community picks. Since I want to help you, here’s some feedback.

  1. Ripoff DK can still be bitcrushed by ripoff Yoshi in 1 hit.
  2. Pickaxe is a bad weapon for PvP in general because bad hitboxes.
  3. Everybody hates the character with the quantum portal for some reason, nerf it or something, IDK.
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Yeah, like everyone else said, to get onto community picks, I recommend a few things to help.

First, make sure you make is high quality and you fix bugs.
Playtest your game often to see any issues or problems that need some improvement
Lastly, fix bugs quickly so players will enjoy the game instead of waiting for fixes

Or maybe just wait for developers to see it?
Now, I do have some experience in the discovery stuff, and my game is like yours: over half a million plays, but has been on community picks a bunch

Don’t believe me, click my profile pic.

Quick question, is asking for playtesters still considered advertising?

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I’m not sure… But I wasn’t saying to ask for them to ask for playtesters, I just meant friends could do it or other people.

K, i just wanted to know so if I ask it isn’t flagged

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Congrats on getting nominated in the awards!

As for community picks, you’ll have to talk to the gimkit team about that, as they’re the ones who put maps in there.

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