Our game has 550,000 plays but is not on community picks

Hey Everyone!

Our game, has collected over 550,000 plays and has been nominated for the gimkit awards (Thank you by the way!), however our game is not on community picks. Anyone have an idea?

The Battle Bros Team

Not many people believed we had half a million plays, look at the image below

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Welcome to the forums @Marcuz_SBB_Dev!
This is considered advertising, which is not allowed here.
I won’t flag but please refrain from these actions.
Maybe it appeared on trending? idk.
(are you sure it wasn’t 5,500 or something?)


Hey man! Ask Phlarin or Jeffo about this. We’re just forum people who are just nerdy about devices and such!


wow 550,000 is over the player base population. You sure it isn’t 5,500?

The mods have to pick your game to be on community picks.


wuh- uh- guh- OVER HALF A MILLION?!?!?!??!?!?!

ok so community picks is based on what th developers think of it, so try sending them the game to see what they think

but can i have confirmation/proof that it has over half a million plays?


Just like @Kosm0-o said, this is considered advertising, but this is your first time, so we will not flag this. So please don’t do this again.

The game seems like a hit success on multiplayer games on GKC. Ask Phlarin or Jeffo and they’ll maybe decide.

Just because you have many plays doesn’t mean it deserves to be on community picks.


I can give proof, however my friend owns the actual map, I will get it to you tommorow

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as a matter of fact, games that get on community picks have to actually be good and liked by the community (who woulda thought), not just have a lot of plays.


also yeah your game does not have half a million plays

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Apologizes for the advertising, Is there anyway I can reword it so it is not?

remove the game name ig

Half a millon plays is like 5 times the playerbase population

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I played it before and I like the game. Count me as your first community picker or something :smiley:

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How do you like a game??

The game has to be high quality too btw.

I’m pretty sure it counts as a new play if the game ends then you start a new one. so if the average session is 10 games, then 1/2 of the players played, which is more reasonable for a play amount, especially if it is super popular.

I tested one of my games to see if i could just spam the plays to get it to trending and i tried that restarting the game and it doesn’t count the plays