Other Human/Gim looking things

Does anybody have some ideas about how to make another thing in the game that resembles a human or other gim? My ideas so far have included the drone (but that just keeps firing at you) and scarecrow or snowman. But that is all that I know of.

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by drone, i assume u mean sentry. U can remove the weapon in the device settings

And u can also do this

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May I ask where? Because I’ve been looking for how to remove the weapon and I can’t find an option to do it.

Nvm that doesn’t work anymore. It used to work when I used it at the start of creative.

Try this: Fake Gims 101 [Difficulty ⬜ or 0/10]

How about this?

You can add your terrain, but put a wall around the sentry, and the floor for the are where your players

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Where your players walk

You can just make the sentry friendly by changing its team to the same team as the player.

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wish that wasnt patched
would have been super useful for imitating NPC gims


Yeah, there is even a tag for it, bbsi.

This would work, but if your map isn’t cooperative, then they won’t shoot at you but they might shoot at other players. I had this problem in my battle royale map.

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