Optimized keyboard

We have a keyboard. However, the keyboard is bigger than all three of my maps combined. Is there any way to save memory making a keyboard?

How did you make your keyboard? Basically, I was thinking of having each character slot be a property that can be changed. There’s a game overlay that has text set to all 30 properties. You can also optimize by making the buttons trigger blockcode in an overlay instead of having a new trigger each time.

I didn’t make a keyboard, but I had an idea to use item granters to grant an item based on what you pressed. The main reason I wanted to use this setup was so I could attempt to make a backspace key that works.

Not sure about the exact memory but pretty sure my keyboard is less memory.

Actually MUCH less.

How much less?

So what I would do is check if each property is equal to (Black space) in a backwards order, then turn the first property it finds that is not equal to (Blank space) into (Black space)

Clever. I was going to point out that checkers don’t check properties, but I curious forgot about block code.

Using number encoded data you can use math to make backspace…

Also, potentially a better design for a keyboard would be a system kind of like TVs use, where you use arrows to navigate around the keyboard. The Gimkit equivalent would be your gim is the selector, and whenever you move with WASD you are teleported to the next key in that direction. Then put in buttons that are insta press and you can type at a decent speed.

@NavyCatZ this is similar to mine, and to select to current character, I used a property Counter that goes up every time a key is pressed, and concatenation does the rest.