Opinions on how to make this section of my map more planty

The title and prop ideas PLS!

  • Add some more plants and dirt probably.
  • Make them small and large in different sizes.
  • If you’re making them look sinister, try tinting their color darker.
  • Idk, but probably at least have some diversity. :rainbow: Always better.
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I made this.


not my best work though

Thank you for your help. Also, I’m going for a One Way Out look! My map is kinda the prequal.

ahhh. okay.

  • add more plants
  • add different types of plants(ones with different shapes, sizes, and color) to add variation.
  • add dirt props and use layers to make little piles of dirt
  • add trees(color matched to the theme)
  • add a pond with a bridge for more character
  • add a stone path for walking and add benches every so far

All of this should make it seem more planty and like a nice park.

updated to make it more evil.
Screenshot 2024-04-24 12.12.45 PM


Thanks for using my suggestion.

That looks really sinister and cool! Thanks! I will sill be accepting more ideas, BTW

I’m going offline for lunch, so don’t expect an answer for a while!

give me a few minutes and i will make some prototypes.
first time in a while i have made prototypes.

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I’m sure you’ll do great.


Before I go, picture of my area now!

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that would take so much memory… about 5~15%

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How much memory do you get?

100% or 100,000 for 1 map

oh, thanks for the info

yeah… full fields of anything are annoying.