Open-world RPG Game mode: [closed]

are you sure the gc still works? cuz i can’t get in it

Here could be a wooden bridge

I can’t get into the Wix cause it says “Not found” so if you could invite me that would be nice. my username is Xa67

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Nice bridge and building!

hello! i would like to help (i’m good with designing stuff.) but the wix isn’t working for me either. did it get taken down?

I can make a thumbnail

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What if the pot was the center of every little plant camp and you had to break it to stop them from spawning.

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Yes!!! Please make it!

Will do! Nice idea, that really adds to the fun of it
I think!

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I have officially updated the lis of needed things in case someone wants to take another look!

i ran out of likes bruh

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does your game save? if so, mind telling me the name

What do you mean save?

like save files in undertale i think is what he means

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sorry if its bad, ive never made stuff like this before (also i meant does your game save stats)

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also made this if u like it
Screenshot 2023-12-21 7.30.20 AM


WHOA that looks good

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bruh i lost all my likes

Between multiple different games?

thx alot its my first scenery thing ive made. its fun. i might do more.

no does your game save stats and levels