Open-world RPG Game mode: [closed]

Cherry blossom Catch Quest
Blossoms are falling from a tree!
Use the falling blossoms to make a (Item) To Stop blossoms from falling!
10 blossoms
(Item to craft)

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Heyo! Aspiring graphic designer here! Here’s something I put together as a thumbnail idea!

Let me know if you want me to change anything with it if you want to use it but don’t like some parts!



Thank you!

Bump because this fell overnight and still needs work

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Don’t bump things if there has been activity in the last 5-6 days

Why did so many people comment on here?

Because we are giving ideas, and giving thumbnails

It’s awesome, but is there any way to give a more robotic feel to it, like have a sentry holding the lamp?

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HOLY thats GOOD but how do u make that?

it’s a thumbnail…
not in gkc…

Please don’t necropost. This topic has been dead for 5 months and the author has been inactive since May 25th.


Maybe add a quest where you have to duel someone and you get money from the quest?

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