Open-world area ideas

So to start, my game is an invasion from aliens and there is only really 2 locations; the Laboratory, and the Strange Hole, and i believe about 86% of the map is done. If someone could co-op with me and help build, or give ideas and pictures, pls do that. And the plot of the game is you passed out, and now you are in a cage of plants growing rapidly. You run through a small hole, and the aliens are shooting at you. You duck behind some plants and find a small control panel and a sticky note. You type in the code on the note, and it opens the lasers. You activate the lasers again, and walk through the corridors of the lab walls. You go through what seems to be the lobby of the lab, then arrive at a giant room with what seems to be a market full of weapons and below a workshop.

I can try to help you

Ok, give me whatcha got.

And username is Michael (in Gimkit)

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ya cant post codes ur ganna get flaged


PERMS . i need perms please

@Menace_that_steals89 Codes are not allowed on the forums. You can post codes on the unofficial wix site. Please edit your post to no longer have a code in it.

Welcome @Menace_that_steals89

are you on Infested Earth?

i understand riptide sry

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