Oooo Thumnail ideas

I need good thumnail ideas can yall help me with this? this i what i got.
I need ideas

put it in a grass landscape with the sky andsun

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You should add what your game is like so the suggestions are better.

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its a survive game. dose that help?

Make the gim’s legs shorter and wider apart, add way more stuff than a gim, make the weapon more clear on what the weapon is, add outlines, and add more details.

oh wow i need to imporve it but sadly, i dont have a mouse and stuck with a mouse pad. but thanks for the info

You can get the same thing done though.

If you keep it open (unmark solution) I could make you one?

That looks a bit evil, but it’s good. I’d recommand getting rid of the red panda’s dead eyes and insted make it look like he just feel in.

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There you go. Good job.

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uhhhhh not like that. its a survive game with sentrys. not like some horror gsme

Dang. There goes 30 minutes I wont get back…
For future reference
When asking for thumbnails, be specific in what you want and dont act surprised when you dont give any details other than a poorly made Gim skin and you dont get what you were wanting…

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oh shoot im sorry dude

ill use for smth else tho. thanks.

and just a q. is that photoshop?

no prob :slight_smile: I’m out of likes soooo

Imaginary Super Special TryEverything Like :sparkling_heart:

Also no I use Canva for my thumbnails :slight_smile:

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ohhhhhhh. thanks for the info

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