Oooh, I just got an IDEA!

How do would i make a game based off of the movie “Ready Player One”?
“First to the Key!” (someone please finish it)

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“First to the egg!” I LOVE THAT MOVIE! My full support is with you.


You would have to do A LOT! Of teleporters and props. Also, it can’t be called Ready player one.

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Also, can I have a cameo? Like IDK, a random player named Herrscher Inkwell?

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Well, yeah I would have to find a name, I made Cookie GimClicker with some help, if you have played it, THAT was complicated.

Maybe… OOH! Gim one? Press start gim? OH! Ready Gim user!

wdym a clicker game’s complicated

Are you just trying to find out a title, or the real game?

But seriously, can I have a cameo?

Im trying to find out both…
and for your comment, it was hard bc we added a tag arena and a pvp arena, if you have played it, you would know…

So I’ve never seen Ready Player One, so what’s it like? What’s the plot?

no offense, but i doubt it

Well, go on netflix. Its too good for us to explain.

And also, do you live under a rock? It is one of the best grossing movies ever.

No, I’ve never had the time to see it.

In fact, I actually live in a hole. In space.

Then watch it tonight. Your gonna love it.

Ok, In short summary, Its like a VR world, you can be whatever you want to be and do whatever you want to do, they go on a quest after the creator dies, which is in search for three keys,
The first challange is a race, but it is impossible to beat NO SPOILERS
the second challange is a leap the creator didnt take IRL
And the third and final challange is to find the worlds first easter egg in a game
you really need to watch it bc this is such a trash version of this in a nutshell

Hm, maybe I will…


What is your idea? Pls tell

The idea was trying to make a game based off of the movie “Ready Player One”

Thats why I put the quote afterwards.
Bc only people who have seen the movie would know…

It’s a book, not a movie.