Only checker button ( resolved thanks to @NavyCatZ and @getrithekd) thank you

how can I i make a button that can only be pressed if a check passes

Make it not active on game start.

Check passes → Activate button.

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i did it but the check doesnt happen

Make a lifecycle that broadcasts to a relay broadcasting to everyone. The relay should broadcast to the checker. This should fix that.

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Sorry. I can’t do it now :slightly_frowning_face:.

can i have a screenshot ( I am an incomprehendable amount of dumb)


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Place a lifecycle. Don’t change any settings. Wire it to a relay. Don’t change any settings either. Connect the relay to the checker (_-> run check)

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@NavyCatZ is here horray!!!

please screenshot

how do i make the checker do equal to and greater than

Thank you

I’ll explain it extremely specifically. Hover over a lifecycle device and press the z button. Now, you’ve got yourself a wire. Click on the relay. Do the same for the relay and checker.


Click on the checker, then click on the thing at the top that says “Check #1.” Click on that and there’s a setting called “comparison”



I adore you

Thanks, hopefully you can also become good at Gimkit Creative. Just practice and you’ll get the hang of it. :]


but like how can i make it do both?

another check? <,hjfbcrtgebwydevh>