One way out 3: The last stand Ideas

How about a new team called “Bomber BQ”

you really do love :bomb: :bomb: :bomb:

No, Echo, Vortex, and “Secret Team” will do just fine

Ohhhh i didn’t know that

The “Secret Team” is for the Secret Ending similar to the Illuminati

Wow How Would The Secret ending be achieved

Blowing up the Ship with the help of the “Secret Team”

Nice Explosions My Favorite

Although how i’m gonna do it is probably teleport the player outside the map somewhere deep in space after the explosion occurs.

does it have to be escape, or could it be with clans like echo and vortex and 2 new ones positioned against each other in a mega, spy+battle gamemode with 1-3 parts

Roberta, why do you love incendiarias

Hey Gimkitters of all types should I make a guide on dodge ball? (I have looked but I haven’t seen one yet, this will also be a rather detailed guide)

I f you make it detailed YES PLS
But dodgeball isnt that hard to make though…

Ahh yea I guess your right.

Should I make a detailed dodge ball guide? (Pls choose one the poll acting weird)
  • Yes
  • No
  • It’s up to you
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I gtg will be back in a bit

This is supposed to be an Idea page for One way out Pt. 3

Yes, it has to be escape because it is One way out Pt. 3

Okay give me some time ill give ideas.

I think i got it now:

  • Vortex (Ally Team)

  • Echo (Ally/Enemy Team)

  • Raveena (The Creator of the Plants)