Once you publish a game can you still edit it?

I need the answer please.

Yes, you can.


Ok thank you! I though I’d never be able to edit it again.

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If this is answered, Please mark @CassiusDoomlorde 's post as a solution.

Want to play my map with me?

You cannot post codes or links on the forums.
Post them at gimkitcreative.wixsite.com/gamesharing/.

It won’t let me go there.

That’s sad. You should probably edit the code out of your post.

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Please don’t post game/join codes on the forum. They can get you flagged/banned.

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Sorry I didn’t know.

I’m new here, so I didn’t know it could get me banned.

Please make sure you read the community rules. Also, welcome to the forum, @Tyler!

So how do you share your games other than posting them on Gimkit??

You can in the Gimkit Wix code-sharing website. Someone could give you a link because I don’t have it.

Or, right here. I do have it actually.


I already trying going in that link. It said the page couldn’t be found.

Nevermind. it’s working.

Maybe this one will work?


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