Once more another minigame question

so i have another question regarding my minigame on my map so for the third mini-game on my map I have it where you knockout two boss level sentry and I want it to be that if u get knocked out after a certain amount of times the game ends so how do i make it so this happens


player is knocked out 5 times the game ends.

also does it need blocks if so I need to use blocks i need then for the person to answer with pictures

I think you could use a lifecycle device that listens for a player to be knocked out. And have a counter device. Wire the lifecycle to the counter. Player knocked out > increment counter. Set the counter so it has a target of 5. Place an end game device. Wire the counter to the end game device. Target reached > end game.

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piictures i now that is kind off newby to ask for but it sounds a bit complicated

I completely understand! I’m not very good at explaining stuff. I’ll get you some pictures. Just give me one sec to start up my laptop

First, place a lifecycle device and change the event listened for to be"Player Knocked Out"

Next, place a counter device. The starting value should be 0 by default, so you shouldn’t have to change that part. Scroll down a little bit to where it says “Visible In Game” and set it to “no”

While still in the counter device, click on where it says “Target” as one of the headers. Change “Use Target Value” to say “yes” and change “Target Value” to be 5.

Wire the life cycle device to the counter. Set it so that when the event occurs, it increments the counter.

Place down an End Game device and wire the counter to the end game device. Set it so that when the target Value is reached, it ends the game.

And that’s it! Let me know if you need me to explain anything a little bit better. I hope this helps! Good luck with your game!

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@KittensAreCute13 soo I just found a problem if i get knocked any time in the game before reaching the minni game then it ends the game I want it so that it is only active when the mini game starts

Oh! Ok! (Sorry, I got busy just now).
You’ll need to rewire some things. I’ll get more pictures and explain it

Okay, so the first thing you’re going to need to do is erase the wire connecting the life cycle to the counter.

Next, place down a trigger device

Set “Active on Game Start” to say “no”

I assume you have a button that starts your mini game, so wire the button to the trigger and set it so that when the button is pressed, it activates the trigger.

Now, you need to wire your life cycle to the trigger. Set it so that when the event occurs, it triggers the trigger.

Finally, wire the trigger to the counter so that when it’s triggered in increments the counter. The settings that you have for the life cycle and counter can stay the same. I hope this helps!


Just use a midpoint trigger! So you have the lifecycle. Then get a trigger that is deactivated on game start. Wire the lifecycle to the trigger [event occurs → trigger trigger]. Then wire the trigger to the counter [trigger triggered → increment counter]. Now if you use a teleporter to get to the boss room use this wire/channel [player teleported here → activate trigger]. If the player walks into the boss room then put a zone that the player enters the moment they get into the boss room [player enters zone → activate trigger]. If there are multiple players, make sure to put the active scope for the trigger to player. A midpoint trigger acts as a lifecycle deactivator/activator.

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guys so i was wondering if i put in the channel of the life cycle player enters zone activate lifecycle will then to not be active till they enter the zone I put?