On the Nature of a Sentry: A Comprehensive Guide on the Sentry's Biology and its Place in the Community

@Thats_Gimpossible Do I have your permission to add this to my On The Nature series post?

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Not yet as it is unfinished.
Edit, now you can. but i already did.

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If someone could do the Robot species for me, that would be great.

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The evolution of this wiki fascinates me.

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@Thats_Gimpossible @Rusty Are the Species thing kind of a Lore? I’ll do it if so…


No not really. (more like fan-fiction)

bump for bbsi


just some pictures!

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These are awesome! @Thats_Gimpossible you should add these to your guide! Wait… can you still edit this?

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Thanks so much! And yes, its a wiki so he can edit it.

I feel dumb for asking this, but what is a wiki? How can you still edit a wiki, but not anything else?

A wiki is a post that doesnt have an editing limit. it can be edited for as long as that person wants. they can only be created by a tl3

This may be off topic, but how do you check your trust level?


Yeah, but I don’t see it…

If you are a member you are tl2 if you are a regular you are tl3

Dangit, I’m a member. It’s ok, though. Thanks @MirMirCreates.

Your welcome!

If it makes you feel better, i’m tl2 also

that does make me feel a little better, now let’s get back on topic. :grinning:

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Of the 2815 members of the forum, there are 321 members and only 27 regulars, you are only 22 days away from regular.