Old forum? (Extra characters)

I have heard lots of ppl talk abt a “old forum.” Whats that?

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The old version of the forum

The old forum was really nice, but someone had ruined it you can see it here: Help | Gimkit Creative. You can’t publish or post anything because it will be deleted soon.

Imo this forum is better

There was this one post I liked to visit in the old forum :frowning:


You should screenshot it

It was just a popular post and I liked to see if more people commented on it. It had almost 300 comments on it.

How do I touch grass in gimkit creative? | Gimkit Creative – This is it lol

Rest in peace, old forum.
It’s a shame someone had to ruin it for everyone :frowning:



There was this guy on the old forum that kept falsely reporting everything and was starting conflicts and insulting unfeatured helpers (or pretty much everyone that stood up to them) In that format, a post gets removed automatically from just one report. A shame that happened, as I like the old format more. The rules there were also less strict, for the better and the worse.


no it is not the old forum was so good, what a shame it has to go

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I like this one more…


Because it’s cleaner and has more options.


I agree. The old forum has more soul, if you know what I mean, but this forum has a lot of useful features like likes and badges. The profile also has more customization to it.


The old forum was what was here before this forum, before Reckoner flagged everything. I was ??? in that forum.

but this one is stricter, and you can’t do much, this one just has more options while posting, but the old one had pms, (or dms i dont remember), also i will not say who i was, just assure you i wasn’t reckoner

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The old one was more lax with bans and such,with code posting and all that.

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who ruined it??? i am so curious now
are they on the new forum???
i wasnt on the old one
I am da newbie!
who was it
i am so nosy