Okay, this is a bit frustrating

basically, how do you make a popup block code that tracks the numbers 1 - 100,000?

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You can use number properties and set the popups text to the property with the convert number to text block.

how would I do that? if I made a popup for every number, then my map wouldn’t be playable.

So you need a popup to tell you how much cash you got, correct?

bingo, my spinning brain couldn’t process how to say that

So first you need a number property. You’ll want to set the property to a random number 1-100,000 using a trigger. Then set the popups text to:
Create text with:
Text: You got
Convert number to text: get property (cash)
Text: dollars.

Then make the item granter grant:
get property (cash)

I’m unable to provide actual photos now, I think the Gimkit Creative servers are down, or maybe I just have bad internet.

There is currently an issue when trying to host a game, so it is not your internet :+1: (fixed now)

Ok I got it. Here’s the setup:
Screenshot 2024-05-04 at 8.10.31 PM
I made this as memory efficient as I could. The button is a place holder. You can use whatever function you want to activate the item granter. Make the item granter run wire pulse block.

And that should be everything! If this helped, mark a solution!

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