Okay also help me with this

I want to make it so you have to guide a ball through lasers at high speed

what do you mean what am i doing i’m trying to make a hard maze that isn’t imposible for blastball puzles what you mean

:person_shrugging: can’t help you with that,
so place a sentry in front of the ball with max shooting and reloading. And make another sentry on another team behind the ball.

I’ll keep your friend in mind.

wait you can’t help seriously you must be like 6 years old then if you can’t help me with this

Dude. You calling me a six years old?

I said to do this

not for that for my friend helping me out with the other matter

Dude. I don’t help out with your “relationship” with your friends. What am I supposed to do? I ain’t no physical therapist or somethin’


I didn’t sign up for being Therapyist