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The off topic tag is not an excuse for off topic stuff.

we have reasons for flagging. If your post was flagged don’t complain; everyone has a reason to flag.

So are you saying we can’t constructive criticize?
The FAQ says we can; while to you constructive criticism may seem rude, it actually helps people in life.


See? Exactly what I mean. This is why i’m leaving

Uhh you could try to read the tos and stuff.

See ya man. It was nice having you. But, don’t post stuff like this because it’s off-topic. Just bump your favorite guide you made saying why you left and stuff or just put it in your bio. o7 man.

Have a good life

I CANT DELETE IT BRO :sob: :sob: :sob:

If you are trying to fit in you could try to read the rules, tos. What ever it is called lol. Also people are not going to give you a free pass for doing something wrong. You did something wrong. You get flaged.

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We’re sorry for giving you a bad experience from the forums. You can try to give us another chance, but just try to understand people and reread the rules if you want to give us another chance.


Sheesh, that was harsh…
I do get with the viewpoints, users don’t read the rules, and when they don’t read the rules, they’re gonna make a post breaking the rules and when they get flagged they get mad.

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Bye bro. Are you still going to be playing Gimkit though…?

Welcome to the forums!

Remember to follow the rules correctly.


Can we stop posting and giving this topic attention please? This has been off-topic.


Yeah you gotta stop making topics about code sharing(go to the wix) or other off topic stuff


Do you have a padlet I can message you on? I need to ask a favor :smile:

I don’t.


No Padlet?
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I was wondering if you could make a Wiki for every device, It’s a project I’ve been wanting to work on for some time now but I don’t have the Regular status to make a wiki.

It’d be updated through summer and be completed when everyone’s back.

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