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I would prefer handrawn but I’m not picky

My lore

Cody the dinosaur always knew he was special.
His parents dropped him on his head when he was little and it did something to his brain that made him smarter then the other dinos.
He didn’t really want to show it off because he didn’t want his friends to think he was a nerd.
But one day, Cody saw a strange streak in the sky, like a comet…
but comets don’t usually get bigger, do they?
He told everyone to run and find shelter,
but they didn’t understand.
They didn’t see.
They didn’t even brace for impact.
After the dust settled, Cody was the last dinosaur left.
Nowadays Cody poses as a human because dinoism is petty bad in this day and age.
Cody is just an ordinary person, no lies, no deceit, no trickery.
He’s an ord1nary dino
posing as an 0rd1nary person
An 0rd1nary… cod3r.

I will credit whoever makes it in my profile summary description thingy
Thank you in advance bc i’m a generally nice person who thanks people in advance an stuff :D

the forums is for gkc
so try to avoid things like these
if u want someone to make ur pfp go on the wixsite:
tho i dont think someone will respond quickly
not anymore at least.

Oh, thx I’ll delete the topic

How do you delete a topic

Simple, you cant :smiley:


best u can do is mark a solution and wait for it to close

hi argo

how to mark a solution

there is a nice and big shiny button saying solution by every post :slight_smile:


I promise im not slow I just cant find it

maybe since this is an art topic there is no solution button?

there SHOULD be one
is it next to these?:

no there’s nothing there exept the like button

click the 3 dots?

just bookmark and flag…

well i give up since i cant think of anything else
if it isnt next to the like button then idk what else

let’s just stop replying and let it shut down by itself i guess

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