Off-Topic, Not marking solution

hurry fix this, gimkit

  1. this is off topic GKC forums is for GKC only
  2. this ain’t Fortnite buddy
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Please post that here, this is for suggestions to add to the game.


if we dont have element bending like fire air water and earth we would be bored, so gimkit need their new season to be the avatar: the last air bender

Ok, I understand your feelings and wanting for that but the forums are not the place for this is,

dude :skull:
this isn’t fortnite, gimkit is NOT getting the rights to avatar. if you really want to suggest this (please do), go to the nolt, linked above me.


.. why do I need permission from the mods to post anything --
oh wait I can post short things but I cant post long text bruh ._.


you do? weird…

I pretty sure gimkit would get copyrighted if they did without their permission

still suggest ideas at the nolt not here.

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I understand the topic isn’t past the usual 30 minute rule but please mark a solution and remember.

Look, there are TWO off topic posts right now, plus if you want elemental bending you can use coding and creativity to make it. It is GKC, after all.

No More Replies Please