Off-topic, "lets talk"

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Um, welcome? That’s true, but you didn’t have to make this….

You’re encouraging people to spam a useless tag that is not necessary. Actions to improve the forums are done through community effort and enforcement, NOT by spamming useless tags.


It says in your little page that you are empathetic but I am not seeing any empathy from you?


Ad hominem attack. That badge doesn’t even mean anything. Address my points.

Also, tags are to sort through topics and guides, not to start a campaign.

He’s being just plain disrespectful with me. I’m sorry if it came off as rude to you, but what needs to be done, has to be done.

Seriously, what is being done?

You’re encouraging people to spam a useless tag that is not necessary.


Welcome to the Forums!
However. This post is only going to stir more aggravation. You have a point, but it is better to leave this topic alone.
And responding to aggravation with more aggravation after saying we need to just not reply is kinda hypocrisy.

But he’s (she’s?) right in his first post…

Why are you calling me a hypocrite :joy: when you are being very hypocratic.

Rude. AGAIN!

dude, what? you’ve only been here for 30 minutes.

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How am I being a hypocrite. Someone has to address this so just saying “Oh u saying not to respond is you responding. You are worse” isnt a valid reason.

I’ve been to the forums since day one.

This isn’t social media. Tags don’t influence people. Tell that to the dozens of people that go off topic and say that it really is on topic. Also, nobody here listens. Nobody that isn’t a mod or tl4 can make this forum change, and that’s just the sad truth.


Exactly. I think this is an alt.

You sure about that?


On god its not an alt, this is my new main account since I lost my last login.

Then don’t start a new account doing this!