Off-Topic [Duplicate]

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ain’t there already a guide about this? if yes then this is seems like clutter and off topic unesscary on the forum and could get this flagged and removed as we already have a guide about this

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oh well its newer and more people will see it

i agree my main account got suspended for “being off topic”

uh bro alt ain’t allowed here you ban evading and could lead to a longer ban! please just wait out the ban and merge acc or don’t use ur alt! you don’t want to get perm or longer ban for this alt reason!

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ok thanks for informing me of that how do i merge

you have to message a mod to ask them to merge your alt with ur main pray they don’t make ur ban timer longer because of ban evasion and then wait out ur ban! and If u CANNOT wait. then you can talk to the mods about removing your ban it will be hard tho since u did a ban evade and off topic tell the truth how u feel what u won’t do again and what will u do this time instead and will not do again

ok then didn’t know about ban evading penalties

yea i also want to be member so im trying to learn better forum etiquette and i am trying to flag my own posts for being off topic

why would u flag your own post?what just what I confused?! please explain to me why u would do that because that decreases your chance to become a regular if you get too many flags or ban and maybe to be a member?

yea but i want to be seen as more trust worthy so thats why

please mark a solution to this post and maybe go to a wiki post that ask for thumbnails. not your own post. thanks.

what. just what? alright I left in the dark on how that would work I’ma just show u a guide on trust levels so u could understand about trust levels AND A GUIDE ABOUT FLAGS

I was gonna send the guide about tl but it wouldn’t work it got deleted but i found a better guide so u could understand more about the forums!

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