[off-topic; don't reply]

be nice guys. this is a friendly server

Okay, leave it at that.
And don’t tell me or anyone else to “shut up.”
It’s rude and you could just ask nicely not to reply.

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he is asking for someone to make him a pfp

ok Adam I photoshopped this

alright Adam I’ll make it for you go to email

Sorry if it sounds offensive, i’m just tired today from lack of sleep.

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its ok fersionspeedy, just be nice and don’t do it again

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I’m not tryna start a fight here people

Settle down guys. Stop arguing

I know Adam, but I said I’ll do it in email

You guys don’t know when to stop, do you?

That’s all right, @FersionSpeedy.
You two, @ShadowTree87 and @notadam17 move your conversation somewhere else. This doesn’t belong here. Your website has nothing to do with map-making, so move it to a Padlet or the wix site.

Guys, Plz calm down. Nobody is wrong or right

I’m closing this its 2 heated

Bro stop being so mad :skull:

Please. stop. replying.

Move this somewhere else.

We don’t need any more replies.

Bye guys sorry I should not have not gotten involved

Yesssir @California_Love

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