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This is not relevant to GKC.
Please remove this topic.
:expressionless: Please…

your a regular if you just change the title then they can delete it

knock it off bro what are u doing?

  1. I’m a girl
  2. this is off-topic and can get flagged

Don’t argue. I’ve already flagged it.
Now please stop replying.
Before this becomes an entire mess, @notadam17.

  1. knock it off what are you doing?
  2. get flagged for what? asking for help?

@notadam17 and Foxy,
Could you guys please stop this argument for you guys are going against the Terms Of Service

what’s going on here

Please stop changing the title.
Leave this as it is…

I just want a logo and I’m getting flagged :frowning:

Exactly @California_Love

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what do you need the logo for Adam?

I’m supporting @notadam17 on this case

Adam, your my buddy, what’ do you need the logo for

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This is not the platform to ask for a logo.
It has nothing to do with gimkit creative, so It doesn’t belong on this forum.

Yes lets find a solution real quick @ShadowTree87

Guys, shut up, and leave this alone.

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just my icon like ur turkey but atropicool

He’s asking for ideas so it counts