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I’m here because my sister @CaptionPuffy asked me to try this,anyway how do I even start making a game? also how do i even try to use the forum any rules or anything?

Go to creative in the gimkit main page and hit create map!

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Nah i forgot to log out my sister acc-

Nah nah i went on my sisters pc-

Go to the top right, click the creative thing, and then click create new map after you do the tutorial.

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Anyway thanks i was trying to use my acc

Wait are you serious?
You don’t know how to use GKC?

yeah my sister said i could use her laptop to try gimkit… but i forgot to close her acc

Ok. Do you understand now? You should ask your sister if you don’t know. We can’t help you that much

Oh, well----I hope you learn how to play. In the meantime, look up guides on tutorials…
(if you don’t know that much)

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she left when she said that so i cant

Anyway i know she said i can’t go off-topic so uhh im just gonna log out of her acc

I’m going to be perfectly honest, for the most part I discovered how to do things on my own. Of course for a specific thing, I looked for guides.

LIZZO i told you to create a acc not use my acc just dont cause trouble because you used your email already ill fix that later.

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