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I was editing my text and I went to look at the forums and all of a sudden, when I came back my text was changed to, and I quote, “boi boi boi boi boi boi boi”. I am being serious. My friend was afk doing schoolwork and didn’t even know they had editing access, and I never shared this with anyone else.

I am in utter confusion right now.

This is actually not possible.

At all.

I’m actually serious. Dead serious.

ok I don’t believe that but I’ll just go through normal procedures

Did you have anything wired/channeled to the text?

If no, to the chat up me, then he’s trolling, (Your Friend) but that shouldn’t be possible…

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No, I did not have anything wired to the text or channeled.

And I assume you had no blocks in it…

@Txme_Lxss I get you think I am trolling, but I’m not. I should probably mark this in devices before people think it’s off topic or something.

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@CassiusDoomlorde Correct.

I mean for your friend, but. If this is true, a strange phenomenon is upon us, but shrug It off. If it happens again, tell us. But, yeah.

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Let me change the name to off-topic and put it in devices since it may just be a coincidence.

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yep, there’s no normal way for this to happen. either you’re trolling, were trolled, or this is a bug so obscure that you are the first person that it has happened to.

but we should probably just close this


One last thing: Some additional details is that my friend swore on their very life that they didn’t, so a theory of mine is someone else joined (I don’t even know how that’s possible considering I didn’t spread the code.)

(don’t reply after this)


You may have permissions on. Go check them.

(sorry, i didn’t notice the warning)

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