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Um this is off topic…
why is every art post suddenly off topic? And not being solved? It’s like everyone is eager to make it worse than everyone was fretting about and worrying about it being like.

how is art off topic from art

Because it has to be about the forums. Thumbnails, Barrier Art, and artsy stuff (about gkc) were the reason this topic was made


yeah, GKC art, not custom art you made (albeit it does look cool), unless for a map thumb.

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ahhhh makes sense, how do you take down post

I’m not sure you can. Best thing to do is to rename your map to something along the lines of “off-topic post, please report”. If you do, it will get flagged and the mods will take it down.

I don’t think that’s a good idea. Just edit the post saying sorry or something and rename the title to off-topic. Change the category to devices and mark a solution. Thanks!

The off-topic tag is not an excuse to be off-topic. It was made for forum regulars to attach onto off-topic posts before sending them to the shadow realm.


thats what i did bro

flagged posts should be automatically unlisted until it gets unflagged, change my mind

Dodge Fox.
Art posts cannot be marked with solutions yet.

…he’s not on anymore. i dont think you should respond to him. let the account rest.

I knew about their most recent post. I don’t know why it says 2d ago… their post was like 4 days