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I would utmost greatful for your help


@Gimkitsuggestor please read the forum rules real quick. ok?

for one thing, this is completely off-topic. this forum is only for gimkit creative stuff.
also, badge farming is stupid. it’s not allowed, and why should it be? what does it get you? WHY DO YOU NEED BADGES???

and also,

as shown above by @Thats_Gimpossible, badge farming can literally get perfectly good guides and any posts deleted because of new users trying to get the “first flag” badge.

so your conclusion:


honestly, are there actually any good written forum rules?

all the experienced users seem to just know them, like “don’t post codes” and “this is only for gimkit creative stuff.” none of that stuff is in the FAQ or terms of service, and there’s no “rules” page. all we really can believe is the word of other users or the mods, and our many PSA topics.

maybe a regular should make a wiki that is the psa of psas, the forum rules as we know them.


Yeah, that’s what I wrote this post for:

It’s a wiki post, so you can add as much as you want. @CringeKarlScott, do I have your permission to add what you said?


Yeah, badge farming isn’t really ideal because it can cause problems with other posts. For example, the “First Flag” badge is when you flag a post because it was either off topic (like this post) or was inappropriate. So it wouldn’t be ideal to flag a post that doesn’t need to be flagged just so you can get the badge. Honestly though, the way things are going now, just wait around in Devices and you’ll eventually find a post that needs to be flagged.


please mark a solution since this is off topic


Please mark a solution so no one is flagged. This is off-topic.

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Yeah, like this one.

So now, let’s just drop it and wait for @Gimkitsuggestor to mark a solution.

(and cringe to reply to me)


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