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So I made a poll and everyone like Don’t Look Down or Capture The Flag, So can you guys tell me what is better.

  • Don’t Look Down
  • Capture The Flag
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This is off topic (again) pls mark a soltuion and next, time do this on the wix or somethin’ pls

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Mark this as a solution and quit it or i will ping the mods to do it themselves…we have already told you this is not fit for the forums!!

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ok yall are making it sucha big deal about this i dont what to put it under

Again in the wix or a alt-wix padlet site! not here!
That’s why we are upset, there are places to put it and you just keep putting them in the wrong ones on purpose!

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ok i marked @THEHACKER120 the solution bc he told me first sorry guys i just like making topics

im not doing it on purpose i swear im sorry i dont know what to put it under im sorry again

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its dont look down for me because the exp you get from the qustions to each stage like it crazy when you get to like stage 3 or 4 or 5 with the xp

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