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Off topic… if you want to make a guide about the forums it has to be approved by Jeff or Josh and there’s too much guides on these…

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Yes, it’s a little off topic, but they may not know that this can’t be done either.

@THEHACKER120 i know your knew to being a regular, but on post like these, just change the title to “Off-Topic[Do Not Reply Topic ID–”


Sorry just wanted to help sorry for interuption.

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next time just change the title
if there are no replies the guide can be deleted

No more replys off topic.

also i think you meant “i know you are new to being a regular”?

Got it I’ll remember next time sry if I created cluster

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grammar, is not a strong suit.

Your fine, i was just letting you know for the future.

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hey it’s fine just try to avoid commenting on off-topic posts
next time change the title and maybe flag if its inappropriate


Stop replying please I don’t want to be ban so just stop.

I don’t see the harm in one post. That way they can mark a solution and understand the issue.


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