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Code posting is not allowed. You need to read the FAQ’s and TOS
FAQ - Gimkit Creative
Terms of Service - Gimkit Creative

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ok i understand now but why is it not allowed

Because the forums are meant for asking for help and helping. If you want to post codes go on the wixsite
Edit: Can you take down the code, change this to devices and mark a solution, and then put the title as


i do not understand at all

will they ban me i don’t want to get banned

No, you won’t get banned from this, but please don’t do this in the future.


uh hello anyone there?

The forums are basically where you ask for help when building a game.
Codes, being off topic, swearing, ect. are not allowed because its not the purpose of the forums.

You will not get banned but if you continuously break the rules you can and probably will get suspended. Which is like getting banned for a period of time.

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oh thank goodness. can u please be someone who checks my posts

ok thank u for telling me can you be the person who checks all my posts

You could just read the rules that Synthic included at the start… It repeated rule-breaking that gets you punished. I don’t have the time to check all your posts though. Sorry.

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Just do the right thing. Then no one needs to :slight_smile:

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They are a new user, they might not know how to change the title ore move the category. :smile:

He can still ask if he doesnt know, anyway this solved, we need to let it close.


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