Off Topic But one of my biggest fuss causers ever! By G_Fresh_3101

@WolfTechnology already did it before I could.

the 5 day bumping rule ain’t official means we ain’t following it no more.

and before u say anything I have my different opinion on the 5 day bumping rule as long as I wanna say it should be it not.

okay just currious should thumbanil reqs be allowed

  • yes
  • no
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I know it doesn’t exist anymore, but it’s a perfect example of the community creating and enforcing a rule. The point isn’t that it doesn’t exist anymore, the point is that the community made something up, then proceed to enforce it. That is exactly what is happening here.

I’m just gonna say that arguing about this won’t change anything. you can still say that thumbnails are allowed but the rest of the community will still be against it.

I was late to the party :frowning:

Just because your bad at something doesn’t mean you can’t get better. Try making a few yourself and maybe you’ll improve!

Here some guides to help!

Just because you couldn’t ride a bike when you were three, doesn’t mean you can never learn. :+1:

Hey, could you remove my quote? I don’t [1] especially want to be brought into an argument

  1. or my quotes ↩︎

just gonna let you know this vote will show the community perspective on thumbnails.

you should a put that in a different topic because nobody would probably look at an off topic post. probably. EXECPT for mods and some people.

we should still get the gimkit before we go into the final desicision.

I would say that they techincally are not allowed, however I get new users posting. Seriously though, if you all need a thumbnail, ask for one in one of the other thumbnail request to reduce clogging of the forums.

He said just curious so I don’t think this is him seeing what the final decision will be

cello i need to know how to do that thing could u give me the raw to this topic idk how to get it

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However, thumbnail help not being allowed is rooted in the most basic rules that all users see when they first join the forums.


huh it doesn’t work in the preview…[1]

  1. thumbnail reqs not allowed ↩︎

too late lol

The only thing to happen is for the staff to either overturn the thumbnail ban, or agree with it. The community has already made up their mind, you’ll notice almost every new thumbnail request is getting flagged. There have been a pretty big group of people who weren’t happy about thumbnail requests, and they finally persuaded most everyone else, so the only thing stopping this is if the gimkit staff decide not to- and I think that if they see that popular opinion has turned against thumbnails, they’ll take advantage of that and just straight up ban them.



So this argument:

Is kind of wrong. You just need to read more of what that topic had.


what why am i pinnged

I thought it was made by the forums so we should follow it? Just cause it isn’t official doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

oh yeah sorry

i can remove it if you watn

the 5 day bump rule should still be followed, the problem is people overreacting like its the end of the world when someone accidentally bumps a post before 5 days

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