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So for a uncommon skin it would be 800 gim bux then for a rare loot box it would be 1200 gim bux then epic would be 1500 gim bux and then for a legendary it would be 2000 gim bux and THEY ALL GIVE RANDOM SKINS OF THE RARITY LOOT BOX YOU BUY.

That’s a good idea and I’m all for it but not sure what Josh and the others will do (or say) bout that. I like it though, and I be a lot others will too.

This wasn’t really necessary.

  1. People already know this
  2. What exactly is the point of this?

This is how its going already.

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My post wasn’t necessary? I was just replying to @R3D

Never mind I get what you are saying

No. Not yours.
This ‘topic’ wasn’t necessary

For ideas suggest on the nolt also isn’t this already the cost of all the skins?


So people can get a chance of getting a skin that is not in the shop

Oh ma god bro
This is a suggestion, which is off-topic,
suggest things here.

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All things in the item shop costs Gimbucks, unless its like a holiday, or something.

Yea I think the random boxes should be a little less, since people don’t know what they’re getting and whether they will like it or not.

I suggest reading the: for the rules: I will change this to the device section so pls mark :white_check_mark: a solution


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