Odd shaped pseudo zones with pcs (player coordinate system)

so what i need help with here is making angled lines to a point
i figured out how to make a horizontal and vertical point with the coordinate system just not angled points
so what i mean here is ive been using the coordinate system and an overlay to find and plot out the points and i used this code for the horizontal points

idk why it would be useful to have these pcs based pseudo zones
but i figured it would be a fun challenge but now i need help :sweat_smile:

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womp womp ._.
[throws a cat at the nearest person]
[but then realizes there´s no one here]
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wonder if you can use pythagorean theorem on this…
._. brain farts

I think I can help you but I’m not sure what your going for.

erm it might do for… hold on lemme look through the research topics

at this point im not sure either
i just wanted a challenge
but erm maybe this can be used for some research topic
im trying to make a weird pseudo zone with the pcs
but so far the the angled points are confusing me

You’d have to use Bresenham’s line algorithm, would you not? That’s the most efficient method for creating smooth lines between two points. Alternatively, you could just hard-code the lines in.

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I suggest drawing out the zone first then work from there.

yeh im not that advanced at coding
so idk what either of those is im just going through trial and error and this is what ive got so far and ive been marking the points with terrain in platformer

this is what ive got for the angled line not too sure if it´s accurate tho ._.
ima google that shdwy brb


googled it.
gave me brain d3ath.

anyways gtg turn in my chrome book i´ll mark your post as a solution so it wont be left open for a whole summer´s worth of days

I think maybe something like the following could also work:

if 2 * x + 100 < y:
broadcast: below line

Of course, you would have to find the specific line and slope and everything, but it could be worth a try.

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