Notifier on specific team

I’m making a notifier, how do I make it so that it only applies for a specific team?h

Use a relay device

ok thanks I’ll try that

Relay → Send notification (make relay a specific team)

@LlamaLady22 I did relay for team 1 but it is notfiying everyone

is everyone on team 1?

well if I spawn at team 2’s place that must mean that I’m on team 2

ok just checking. can you show me the wiring?

just a sec! ad some pics

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@LlamaLady22 I gtg at 11:11 so please finish bu then

and it’s not wired to anything else? i don’t see anything wrong with it

Also when button pressed → trigger relay

and notification audience is set to everybody. how do I change that

Set “send notification to” to triggering player.

ill try that in a few hours I gtg now