Notifications and Blocks

I cannot get the blocks to work on notifications

I know the notification is working because if I put something in the default it works.

the Zone and the wire and the notification are all working! I am sure of that.

BUT when I put something in the BLOCKS, I get NO NOTIFICATION.

What am I missing in the blocks?

WHat is giving it a wire pulse?

Did you wire it correctly?
____________< run wire pulse block

seems to be a growing problem as it has happened a couple times recently report this to they tend not to pay attention to the forums anymore as its practically a lost cause for now


Entering a zone is giving it a wire pulse - like I said, it works just fine when I enter default text in the space but I wanted a players name to be in the notification.

Can I see the zone’s, the notification, and the wire settings???

Did you wire it to when player enters zone, run wire pulse block?

You have to make it wire pulse block, not send notification

yes, like I said, when the default text is filled in the regular settings, it works! No problem.
The problem is that it does not work when I put the coding blocks in.

…Wait, let me see your code.

Change the wire to run wire pulse block, not send notification.
(It is because your block code is on wire pulse block…)
So if you change it it should work test it.

Ok, now let me see the wire that connects the two.

Set it to run wire pulse block

NO, make it say RUN WIRE PULSE BLOCK on the notification one…

I said that 3 times lol

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@Crimson_Knight thank you so much!
Thanks for the Solution, but thanks most of all for being so patient!
I am kinda new around these boards and am thankful that you took the time to respond and to respond again to make sure I got it!
I appreciate the extra effort!

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