Notification sent to player who got knocked out

Well, i do know how to do the question on the title (don’t question), but i have one problem:

The notification has block code so the knocked out person can see who knocked them out, for example:

“You got knocked out by (PlayerName)”

But the notification mistakes it by saying that the player who got knocked out “knocked them out”. Here’s an example:

You’re Player1 and you got hit by Player2. But it said “You got knocked out by Player1”.

This is a bug i need to fix. Worse, it’s a published map and i’m updating it.

Player knocked out—> open notification and go to all options on the notification and make the person who can see it is the triggering player(s).

Yeah, i did that, but the notification says you got knocked out by yourself.

use a lifecycle set to player knocked out
and another to player knocks out
have the player knocks out one trigger block code inside the notification
and have the player knocked out show the notification