Not picking up the set amount of items

It is not allowing me to pick up the required set of items. For example, it will allow me to only pick up 1 snow ball (out of 10) and the rest are dropped. Help!

this might be bc of map settings and max amounts

How do I fix it? I don’t think I set an amount.

do u have inventory item managers in your map?

Yes, but these are snowballs that are set as item spawners. Players are given a snowball launcher at the beginning of the game, but when they try picking up snowballs from item spawners, it drops the snowballs instead of collecting them.

does the IIM have snowballs set to max of 1?

I don’t have IIM set to the spawners. My other maps have spawners throughout the game and players are allowed to collect items. This particular map is now them to pick up items. I don’t know if it’s a bug or what.

an IIM works so that it changes the settings of items in your inventory or items that go into your inventory

Are your item spawners set to only collect ONE snowball?
If so, then that’s what they are supposed to do. Set the item amount to TEN instead.

Also, if that doesn’t work, if players can have several items then make sure there is another available slot for them to collect snowballs.

In default, the inventory item manager enables there to be a limit of ten snowballs.
If you want it to be more, just change it.

If these solutions don’t help or change anything, email

Yes, I have IIMs set up for keys and other such items, but I have several snowball spawners (as in other maps) and I cannot collect those items. I do not have that issue with my other maps. I don’t want to wire IIMs for every single spawner when I have never had an issue before.

What is the slot limit for the items?

Spawners are set at 10 and slots are set at 2.

Did you have anything else in your inventory when you tried to collect the snowballs?
If so, it drops what you already have to take place of what you are trying to get.
If this doesn’t work, just email I don’t know what else to do.

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No, I don’t have anything else in my inventory. I just emailed them. Thanks!

Oh, wait, you said there is a required amount? You need 10 snowballs right?
And when you collect one, they drop? The problem is the limit on the IIM. If you tried to collect another one, it dropped the rest.

But since you emailed Gimkit, you may mark a solution.

Okay, the thing is: There is an option that allows a player to only have a certain amount of a specific item. In this case, it’s snowballs.

Since you have a limit, you only have two slots.
One slot holds ten snowballs, another holds the weapon I guess.
But, oh well, please mark a solution :white_check_mark:, @JasonLeft.

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No, I have never had this problem with my other maps. But, I already emailed them, so I will mark a solution.

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