Not needed DO NOT REPLY

This is the topic where I will put all of my art, and I will deal with my art requests.
It would be awesome if you guys put it in the gimkit awards!

Art 1:

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this is not an art studio and we aren’t making posts to ask for requests


Say goodbye to this topic. I flagged it

I’d also recommend changing the name to something like “DELETED: DON’T REPLY”.

yea sorry buddy. this is advertising,

and the gimkit awards stuff is basically done.
all that’s left of it is the announcement of who won what

you can ask for requests (since the gimkit team said they didn’t ban it, thus this topic was made)

maybe I’ll find some open request wikis (if they’ve been opened yet)
and link them here for others to see

(just mark a solution, so the topic closes in 3hrs)

ima go back to finishing an anime, I’m on the last episode :relieved:

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Move the topic to devices!

there’s no need to,
we can have the original user mark a solution.
if needed, a regular can do that. (move it to devices or whatnot)


The Gimkit Award nominations are over.
And I wouldn’t nominate a few unclear color smudges.
Advertising isn’t allowed.

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We need a Regular to switch this to Devices
let me invite a regular real quick…
@THEHACKER120, you there?

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What is a regular? I am curious

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A regular is a forum user who has been promoted to the third trust level
( :slight_smile: Techniccally fourth)


Tl1 = basic

Tl2 = member

Tl3 = = regular

Tl4 = leader

whos the choices to win?


which anime i have been meaning to try watch one but im in my k drama phase lol
dont flag me guys pls

Check under Gimkit Awards for information.

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