Not Leveling Up

Why am I not leveling up? I haven’t reached my maximum for receiving 100 Gimbucks.

Have you reached the weekly XP limit?

Not yet.

Maybe… a bug then… have you already checked to see if you reached the limit? ( That is… more likely a yes… )

Yes, I checked to see if I reached my daily limit, it isn’t even half way through yet.

Must be a bug of some sort, I sure hope it gets fixed, but until then, I will have hope for you.

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Thank you @leo_flowers ! I will just mark a solution for now, thanks again!!

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if you answer too many questions in a short amount of time it won’t give you exp
think it’s 10 questions in 2 seconds

if your kit doesn’t have at least 3 questions that have only 1 answer then some games like Fishtopia don’t give you exp, this is to prevent people from 10-minute grinding exp (which I do because it is still in tag, if you need exp you can do it in 9 minutes if you are pro), so try using a harder kit

you can just use tag, or can wait.

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