Not identifying triggering player correctly

whatever way I put the block coding in the notification, it will not identify the triggering player correctly.

Screenshot 2024-03-29 9.45.59 PM
Screenshot 2024-03-29 9.44.33 PM
Screenshot 2024-03-29 9.44.03 PM

Is the relay to notification wire like this?

Relay Trigger -> Send Notification

Or if it’s “Run wire pulse block”, then i don’t know the solution.

Can I see the block code, wires, and device settings?

It should look like this:

@FersionSpeedy I Did Wire it, it’s wire like this Relay Trigger ---> Run Wire Pulse Block And it still dose not work. Same with @Crimson_Knight’s solution.

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did you do the wiring or block code first?

I Don’t remember sorry

redo the system but do the block code first

Alright, i’ll try it

I dont think that actually matters, you might think it has a play with auo but it doesn’t matter if you do the wire pulse block wiring or if you create the block first

it does
the notification is triggering without the effects of the block code
and I don’t see you providing a solution or idea

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@Foxy Ok the Notification is the same. Its still sending to my team (Team 1) and not the other team Plus It has the player without the flag still too

try this

No, I don’t think it does because I wired a zone to a notification device (run wire pulse block) first AND (sorry for caps) then created the block code, it still sent the notification.

I was just saying it was probably an error with the system itself rather than a block code auo problem, sorry :frowning:

Ok, so it is the same (once again)

Screenshot 2024-03-30 8.26.19 AM

actually why don’t you just use the pickup alert setting?

Well… I want the triggering players name in the notification because then they know who stole the flag

they are in the notification

no like with my own notification.

hello crimson void! you just have to wire the flag to the notification “flag picked up>run wire pulse block,” then you go to blocks in the notification, (on wire pulse) then make the blocks look like this:
Screenshot 2024-03-30 9.48.57 AM
then it should work! :slight_smile:

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I haven’t tried that! let me see then.

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