(Not About GKC) Requirements for Regular

How do I become a regular? send screenshots instead of links, the link is blocked for me.

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your account has to be a 100 days old focus on getting member


yea thats true you have to focus on getting member before regular

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this is kina of off topic


what are the requirements for member?

also while you can aim for it don’t badge grind

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log on for 15 days read posts for an hour

it doesn’t have to be 100 days old.

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No you have to have visited the forums for 50 days out of the last 100. There’s also a reading requirement and a likes requirement.

This forum is for Gimkit Creative, so please don’t post things like this next time. Also, the off-topic tag is not to be used as an excuse to make an off-topic post.

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I said the account had to be a hundred days old
account made 100 days ago

No, you can get Regular if you are active on here for 50 days straight. I got by badge on my 50th day here because of that.


That’s not the same thing as visiting 50% of the days out of the last 100.


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