None of my maps are loading?

I logged into gc and went to my maps but none of them are loading. i refreshed and even restarted my laptop but it is not working?

I don’t know. Mine are all working. Maybe log out of gimkit and log back in?

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So are mine. I also think you might just have to log out and back in.

when i restarted my laptop i had to log in

Ok. I don’t know then.

Maybe try a different browser.

Make sure you are only logged in that laptop. Sometimes, I notice that gimkit doesn’t load properly if I log into it in more than one tab/device.

ok i did it again but it still dont work

I don’t know then. I don’t have experience with this sort of stuff. Sorry. :frowning:

i have 2 tabs for this form 1 for gc and 1 that says error

Does your device have the requirements to run Gimkit?

yes I have run gimkit for 3 years now and this has never happen before.

What does it look like? Are you stuck on the purple loading screen?

no I stay on the loading screen for a bit then it says error and a button that says back to dashboard.

Is your internet doing okay?

yep full bars.

I just got my friend to do it and his gimkit is working fine. Im not sure whats wrong with mine

nvm I signed on today and all was fine.

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