None hurting npc on different team?

I was wondering if you can make a npc that you can shoot and kill, but it can shoot back?

a sentry

The best thing i can give you is a very slow shooting npc with very low accuracy.

First, make a sentry do something. In game, you would have to get the sentry to miss you, and hit something else. Then wire the prop destroyed, have an item granter take away its weapon. It would now be friendly to everyone. The only downside is getting it to hit the prop.

Go to devices! Look for a sentry, and place it down, click on it to change it style!

how would i do that???

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Just place a sentry it automatically shoots back and you can kill it!

Um, place down a sentry, place a prop near it, get the sentry to shoot at you, dodge the shot, and then the wire from the prop to the item granter runs. The item granter grants -1 of the weapon the sentry has. Also, you mean can’t shoot, right?

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I think sentry interactions with devices have been patched, but I’m not sure if that particular “bug” has been patched yet.

So what’s the question here?

At this point just make a damageable prop it’s more efficient and is something that is simple and cannot fire back at you. Then just make it look like a sentry.