Non-Items (Unnecessary words for 15 character title)

I had this idea for one I was making that you needed to get metal to make a bucket so you can get water. What is the best way to do this? The best way I thought of to do this was by transmitting on channels when you get it, but there has to be a better way for it to function with, say, 15 things that don’t exist. Another problem, what if I want to also use items that do exist?

You could use crafting recipes and crafting tables!

That only works with items already in Gimkit Creative. I want a solution for basically an inventory of items that are unique to the game.

You have a property that keeps track of your inventory. This property is essentially a long string.
E = empty space
B = bucket
W = water bottle

So your inventory would look something like this: BEEEEEEE

You can check if B in this case is in your inventory, and if it is then you get water, elsewise nothing happens.

To craft a bucket you can have metal in this psuedo inventory, and have a button to craft a bucket. If you have 3 metal, you add a bucket to your inventory. There also has to be some sort of overlay button to open your inventory, and you can show what they have with text or emoji’s.

I made a post just about this problem. I found my own way.

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