No J0in Code In Map

This is probably part of the server issues, but there is no code on my map I’m building:


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I checked my outage detection tool again and it looks like issues are back:

Yeah its gimkti shutting down

Yeah, I don’t think anyone can host a 2D mode right now. That includes creative.

I was just working on it lol.

Yes, but they can’t start a new one.

same hours ago. it is up again though!


Please don’t. that is off topic and will get flagged.

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@gimkit.noob please delete the code so no one is flagged. codes aren’t allowed on the forum.

huh? who joined?

I didn’t but a new user may think it is a real code and flag you. Now let’s get back on topic please.

Please don’t post off topic! If someone joined… it meant you were hosting…

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Did they say their user?

This has happened to me a bunch. I just went back, and then rejoined.

Is it still happening to you right now?

I had the same thing before.

Hey, atleast no one can j0in your map now!

It was part of an issue where the servers shut down. Since they couldn’t hold any more players, there was no j0in code. I’ll just mark a solution.


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